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The New Computer

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Yes ... it's here, just in time for the holidays. Not, it's not a Mac, but it is a HUGE upgrade from what I had previously. Now the challenge of getting all the software like I like it and all the settings right. SUCH an imporovement ... and the good news is that they recovered most of the data from the hard drive, too.

Computer life is looking up!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 4:15 PM |

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At 12/21/2006, Blogger juliehibbard said...

If you had gotten a Mac, you would not have to do anything with software and would never have to worry about losing your hard drive or replacing it or anything else...
seriously, once you go mac...
would love to meet you...Allison talks about you all the time!

At 12/22/2006, Blogger .justin said...

do you WISH you had got a MAC out of the deal?

does saddleback have that option for some of it's staff, or is it PC-only?

At 12/22/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

It's pretty much a PC-only place. And I need it for all of the PC type stuff I do. So yeah, I was destined for a PC.



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