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The Blasphemy Challenge

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This is interesting. They're all over YouTube, too. It would be interesting to see someone start the "I believe" campaign on YouTube and see how that spread, too. Honestly, the stories are pretty powerful ...


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 12:47 AM |

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At 12/20/2006, Blogger Jeff Smith said...

I checked out the site, watched a few of the videos. I'm depressed now - thank you! That is so sad. How easily they are decieved. Thanks for letting me know about it... I guess. My prayer is, "Oh, God, ... help."

At 12/20/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I know ... I think this is SUPER interesting. JG

At 12/20/2006, Blogger Puddles said...

Okay, I am now greatly disturbed. It was so sad watching those videos. Im down with making an "I believe" one.

At 12/20/2006, Anonymous Josh said...

I'm with Jeff. My cry to God is "God please help!"

At 12/20/2006, Blogger Erik Thornton said...

Wow. That hurt to watch those videos. There has got to be a way to reach out to someone that feels this way. I am up for the "I believe" videos - let's do it.


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