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Want to Buy a PS3?

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Just found a website that has says they have 19 of the 20GB PS3's and 35 of the 60GB PS3's in stock as of this moment. UnlimitedPrice.com ... never shopped with them before, but looks fairly legit. Shop at your own risk - I just called their number and went to voice mail, which makes me wonder. If you missed the launch party, this is risky, but might pay off, too.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 9:39 AM |

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At 11/22/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You cannot use your credit card only e-checks....no bueno

At 11/22/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Ewww ... yeah, bad idea. Sounds too fishy for me! JG

At 11/29/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are scaming people becareful i just learn fron my own mistakes trust me they are con-artist

At 12/19/2006, Anonymous ddcasey said...

This is a scam. I ordered some Elmo dolls on 11-8-2006 and have yet to receive anything. Looking around on the web, there are several other people that have been scammed by this company.

At 12/19/2006, Anonymous BatGirl said...

UnlimitedPrice.com are scammers!! I ordered a couple TMX Elmos on 11/12/06, my check has already went through my bank account & I also have yet to recieve anything!!! I've called; spoke to someone, but got even more screwed! I also emailed then with no reply yet! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE FOR ANYTHING!!!

At 12/19/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

This is good advice from people who have been ripped! I've seen a number of people Google their website and it leads them here so people can find the truth. Great!



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