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Endurance Object Lesson

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So since the entire High School staff was away at the annual Chi Alpha winter retreat, Tony, Taffy and I led all 4 high school services. Good times! Taffy was speaking on endurance, so we planned a special cool little challenge. A volunteer made a frame that would support some serious weight so we could play a Survivor-esque game - the one where they have to hold an increasing amount of weight off the ground for as long as they can. Basically, as they endured longer, the weight increased.

Had a student hold almost 75 pounds of bottled water for 47 minutes ... he was in the background of the teaching the entire service, so it made for two speakers on stage, if you know what I mean. Very fun illustration of "pressing on," especially as he struggled in his own power for keep the buckets from hitting the ground.


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At 11/20/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the illustration. it says he survived 45 minutes. was the the length of the talk, too?

At 11/20/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I'm going to do a separate post on the talk, we did a new format of the talk this week, where the speaker talks in 7 minute sections with programming between. I'll explain later today ... JG


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