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AIDS Video this Weekend in HSM

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posted by Joshua Griffin @ 4:31 PM |

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At 11/25/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you showing this video in your large group weekend services at saddleback this weekend?

did you have to send out a "parent consent" letter?

what is your current series on? does it tie in?

is it a PSA, or a sermon illustration point?

sorry for all the questions, this is very interesting to me. if we showed this at our church, they'd probably fire us!
they were very unhappy with our invisible children campain, and we were made to change the titles and powerpoints for our "best sex ever" [HS] and "EXPOSED!" [jr. high] series.

i'm wondering how you are "navigating this successfully", since i, obviously, would not be able to.

thanks for sharing JG!


At 11/25/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

this is 1 of 4 video pieces we did tonight in the large group service ... I'll do another post explaining the full service in a few minutes. JG


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