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SYM Beta Test: Final Round

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Last week we had about a dozen folks play around with the new Simply Youth Ministry website. We got some great feedback, and some painful learnings as well. We've taken it all to heart and are crusing on the new site that launches in just a couple of weeks.

Next week, we have a few needs for additional testers and wonder if you're up to it.

Tuesday we will send the link to the new store to another 5 people (some could be the same, but we'd prefer new folks) to test the ordering system. We're set to take orders and we'd like people to place a few test orders and try to break it. Try different products, different shipping methods and click add to cart from various differnet locations and make sure it all works. We've tested it internally with fantastic results, but would love to let a few outsiders peek in and play around.

Up to it? Post your email in the comments section of this post to be considered. And thanks so much for helping us make the new site sing!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 11:51 PM |

SimplyJosh.com has now moved to MoreThanDodgeball.com - follow this link to visit the new site with new posts everyday!


At 10/27/2006, Blogger todd said...

I would like to be tester for you guys. My email is ent.todd@gmail.com. Thanks!


At 10/27/2006, Blogger Jeremy Little said...

Sure! Count me in. jeremyl@slmtherock.com

At 10/27/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

think you can ship all the way to ALABAMA???


At 10/27/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be glad to help you guys out. jinsell40@hotmail.com

At 10/27/2006, Blogger clave said...


At 10/27/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10/27/2006, Anonymous brian ferry said...

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I'm a dork! bferry@andersonhillsumc.org

At 10/27/2006, Blogger Jason Rodriguez said...

Hey Josh,
I know you guys already have 5, but if you need anymore I'd be honored. By the way Congrats.!
Houston, TX

At 10/28/2006, Blogger phil said...

hey josh...i'll just pretend the whole counting or paying attention thing never paid off for me, and throw my email in the mix...and besides man...the tigers lost...i need something to look forward to....philowen@cliochurch.com

At 10/29/2006, Anonymous Andrew Martin said...

Hay Josh if you are looking for an international flavour us Aussies look at everything up-side-down! akmartin@westnet.com.au


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