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The Reformation Generation: Part 1

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Today all of the staff 35 years of age and younger got to meet with Pastor Rick for a couple of hours. It was particularly good for us young folk to connect with him ... there's a lot of great ideas in the group of young guns and he challenged us to step up and take the leadership into the next generation of reaching our community at Saddleback Church.

Best learning: he said when he was 25 no one believed in him. No one would listen to him. He had great ideas, the ideas that would launch and grow Saddleback, but essentially no one cared, simply because he was 25. And he doesn't want to make that same mistake, so he's starting a regular venue with the "reformation generation" as he liked to call us, open channels of communication and has directed the decision makers to clear the red tape that builds up over time.

Lots of promise!


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At 10/18/2006, Blogger Gerry Rojas said...

They forgot to invite the folks in the PD building.

I JUST found out about it.


At 10/18/2006, Blogger .justin said...


At 10/18/2006, Blogger Erik_Thornton said...

wow. how cool is that. great stuff will come from it.


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