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The Podcast Wait Continues ...

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Doug is back in town! But, apparently he's crushed with jet lag. Either that or he's fine, but Andy and Natalie are too slammed with the catalog to do the show. How sad is that? Be sure to visit their blogs (links in the right column) and voice your opinion in their comments. Argh - definitely next week!


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At 8/22/2006, Blogger tom mulhern said...

dude, we need the podcast. tell them all to get their little butts in gear and anty up to the mic. i have noticed something missing from my weekly routine and it is your podcast.

one day you will return and we will all be happy. thanks for the great podcast and dont let it die.

At 8/22/2006, Blogger P-Rob said...

dude, andy and natalie don't keep their blogs updated, and fields doesn't have a blog... there must be another way of communicating... like jamming the saddleback phone lines... or spamming the system... or something as evil as that...


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