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Fantasy Draft Complete

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This is my 3rd season playing Yahoo! fantasy football, each year I've managed to score massive points but seemingly always winning by a blowout and then losing all of the close games. It seemed like everyone was hot at the same time, and tanked or was injured at the same time, too. Anyhow, this year, I've got a pretty decent group of guys that is going to take me all of the way. Here's the starting roster as of tonight. Thoughts?

Griffin Force
QB P. Manning
QB T. Brady
WR D. Stallworth
WR Ma. Jones
WR Mi. Clayton
RB C. Dillon
RB T. Bell
TE B. Troupe
K A. Vinatieri
DEF Chicago
D M. Vrabel
D T. McGee

posted by Joshua Griffin @ 10:32 PM |

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At 8/27/2006, Blogger John10 said...

Josh, Josh, Josh...don't tell me you drafted a QB with your first pick. Or was it Dillon? How many teams are in your league?

Tatum Bell looks a dodgy pick, not sure where he is on Denvers depth charts. What reserves do you have?

I've got the max. 4 teams going on Yahoo (although 2 are small leagues with guys from my youth group)

At 8/28/2006, Blogger Jason Pogue said...

Here are Josh's picks in order: (PLEASE take special note to the kicker he took in the 3rd round and the defense he took in the 4th round!!!)

Griffin Force
1. (8) P. Manning
2. (21) T. Brady
3. (36) A. Vinatieri
4. (49) Chicago
5. (64) M. Vrabel
6. (77) T. McGee
7. (92) C. Dillon
8. (105) T. Bell
9. (120) D. Stallworth
10. (133) Ma. Jones
11. (148) Mi. Clayton
12. (161) B. Troupe
13. (176) L. Betts
14. (189) Jacksonville
15. (204) M. Stover

At 8/28/2006, Blogger pseudosuperhubby143 said...


Have you not learned after 3 years of fantasy football that the league is won by strong RB? And to take a kicker in the 3rd and DEF in the 4th...WOW.

I highly recommend trading a QB for a quality RB.

Still with picks like those...you wanna be in my league.

At 8/28/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Gang, my trademark is to take a DEF and a kicker early ... oh, I'll bring up a stunning RB, and my QBs have to really pull some weight this year. This is the year of the QB I tell you!


At 8/28/2006, Blogger John10 said...

I got a bit suspicious when I saw you had such a good kicker and defence yet weak RB and WR.

Just out of interest how did you do your previous two years Josh?

And Jason, its not nice taking advantage of the fantasy-challenged, or is that fantastically challenged? ... Anyway the handicapped.

BTW I just saw Stallworth is going to the Eagles, so you got lucky with that one. (Although as Matt says, there is no such thing as luck).


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