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Took my mom to Souplantation for lunch today - it's a resturant they don't have in her home state of Wyoming. Looking at their map, it seems like they're only in a few states - maybe they're coming to a midwest near you. Well, their charm is 55 feet of fresh vegetable and salads, plus a bakery and soup bar. Not to mention the desserts! Not bad for $7.25. Fun day, eating healthy (bleah) California style.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 4:53 PM |

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At 7/18/2006, Blogger Alanna Marie said...

and as an added bonus...that $7.25 includes all the germs you can eat as people sneeze on their hands and reach for another crouton.

At 7/18/2006, Blogger Alli Hibb said...

i babysat for a family once who called one of the daughters "Mrs. Soupplantation" because she loved it SO much and wanted to go there for every meal.

At 7/18/2006, Blogger Leigh Sarti said...

souplantation is the antithesis of the incorrect way to feed people. You may as well just put a big trough in the middle of the room and let people have at it. Apart from that, it's great (if you're Jana's grandma).

At 7/18/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I've only been there twice in the last couple of years ... but to a vegetarian or a health nut it must be heaven, right?



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