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Met Chris Collinsworth in Laguna Beach

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Funny story ... this guy and his daughter were walking the beach yesterday in Laguna where my family and I were enjoying a nice evening off with the family. He smiled at our kids running in and out of the waves when he walked by us the first time, and then on the way back mentioned how cute they were and gave us a nice smile.

Only later did I realize that it was Fox Sports announcer and famous football star Chris Collinsworth. Cool ... my only wish is that I had turned on my "radio voice" in the long shot of being discovered for sports play-by-play.


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At 8/01/2006, Anonymous Dad said...

Hey, son, did you tell them that you were shift manager at Hardees (at age 16, but hey, he was home-schooled, so he was the only one there who could count and make change) and the local radio guy came through the drive-through.

Heard Josh's stenorous voice and offered him a job "sight unseen". I always figured he would go into acting or movies with a voice like that.

So he's a pastor and making videos for simply youth. I WAS RIGHT!


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