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JC's Cafe

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Interesting idea I read about today in the Des Moines Register, talking about a fun and safe place for students to hang out under a Christian influence. Here's a clip of the article, if you want you can post reaction in the comments section below:
Kids looking for cool, Christian fun can find it at JC's Cafe, a newly remodeled youth center at Ankeny First United Methodist Church, 206 S.W. Walnut St.

Complete with a coffee/smoothie bar, the contemporary hangout has become a popular place for local teenagers to relax and unwind with their friends.

Thomas Frank, 15, of Ankeny said he comes to the center as often as he can to have fun and play the video games.

"I go to a different church than this," Thomas said, "but my brother told me about this place and it's really fun."

As a flashy music video by a contemporary Christian rock group played on a giant projection screen, Frank divided his time between the video game area and the pool table. "I know people here," he said. "When I'm not working I like to come here to hang out with friends and play pool."
Obviously this doesn't replace church by any means, but it sure looks like a safe, fun place to hang out after school. What a great place for conversations about Christ to unfold, discussion about life and an opportunity for people to hear about Jesus from a caring adult and their peers.

Dude, I want to hang out there!


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At 7/18/2006, Blogger Courtney said...

It sounds like the sweet in hang-out in Waco. I heard the Mighty Wind Worship Center was hooked up!!!


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