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Angels 4, Indians 6

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Just got back from a great Angels game this afternoon with the kids. Was a treat to ditch work and spend time with the family. Difficult loss for the Halos, but hanging with Jake and my kids is always a good time.

The highlights:
Getting 4 tickets for free
Getting a free premium parking pass
Getting Jake to come help me watch the kids ... and the game, too
Sitting in nice enough seats they bring the food to you
Super nachos!
The kids being excited about the 7th inning - the song and the cotton candy
The kids asking me each inning what inning it was, every single inning until the 7th
Watching them dance and sing to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Sticky hands
Watching them fall asleep on the way home, hands stuck to their faces


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At 7/19/2006, Anonymous Tony Steward said...

Isn't it funny how when we try to take our kids to fun events, they always end up liking it for different reasons?

My wife and I took our two girls to their first movie in a theatre the other night. I kept trying to make sure they weren't to loud or disturbing anyone, until I realized that the whole place was full of kids like that. So, I just let our girls ask their questions as loud as they do, and let Charis run up and down the side because she was going crazy trying to sit still.

It was a great time, and I am sure they don't even remember the movie, ha!


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