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Andy is Cheap

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So we went to Colorado the other day, Andy was in charge of our travel arrangements. He booked us on a flight so early in the morning we had to leave at 5:15 AM, then when we got to Colorado we got a luxury Chevy Aveo to travel in.

Have you seen this car? Midgets are cramped for space in this thing. It has almost 6 square feet of passenger space, and my carry on actually fit into the trunk with a little coaxing. I'm telling you, I'd rather be sitting with a fat guy on the airplane than being in that car. Actually, I am that fat guy on the airplane, but that's another post altogether I suppose.

All this to say I think perhaps I should be in charge of our ministry's travel arrangements from now on, I'm not sure Andy is up to the task. Thoughts about the car?


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At 7/27/2006, Blogger Todd said...

dude, had a similar experience last month with a Toyota Zion. I blogged it (My Truck Broke Down on 128).


At 7/27/2006, Anonymous Tony Steward said...

All I know is that my assitant got us nice plane tickets to the PDYM conference in March for $222.60 with tax round trip and set times for departure and arrival. And got us a Chrysler 300 as our car for the week at a discounted price...

so Josh, you want her number???

haha, she was a travel agent for a number of years which is why I guess she had all the sweet hookups.

At 7/27/2006, Blogger P-Rob said...

When I came down to Pass It On, I requested (online, of course) the cheapest, smallest model I could find from Thrifty. They ended up giving me a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Sweet ride. I'd never buy one, but sweet ride.

Your story totally sounds like Andy, along with the drive-by greeting. You don't like youth ministry stalkers? Now you tell me...

At 7/27/2006, Blogger dbowers said...

ANDY = Cheap

Brazelton = Time anal sensitive

Andy Brazelton = Good friend, poor travel planner


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