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X-Men 3 - Too Much Drama, Great Special Effects

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Watched X-Men 3 with new dad Matt Hall and soon to be dad again Leigh Sarti. Pretty good film, really I was wowed by a couple of great action scenes than the overall movie. I think there's a couple of really solid moments in the film, surrounded by a bit too much drama for my taste. It never seemed to break the pace - we're moving toward the last stand the entire time! But, the "house scene" is utterly amazing, and though it gets a bit "Matrixy" at times near the end the film is still a fairly good time. I think the President was horribly cast, and I hated the way (spoiler deleted) dies. Of course, does anyone REALLY die in X-Men? Apparently not, especially if you stayed for the scene after the credits.

In the fight scenes, Wolverine really shined, which makes him an ideal candidate for a spinoff movie and less of the whole team and a mutant soap. Could have been great, but Bryan Singer was too busy making Superman. I'll give this film a 6.5 ...

If you saw the film, post reaction/counterpoint, too!


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At 5/28/2006, Blogger offroadcamry said...

First, you totally have a plot spoiler in your post without warning about it. (Dude, you invented theforce.net. You should know better!) Second, I think your analysis of the film is right on the money. Not paced well like the first two. Promos promised tons of Angel, but the film failed to deliver. Beast was awesome when not swinging on Hong-Kong wires. Iceman fully iced up was sweet. I wanted more Juggernaut. Oh well, I've still got Superman to look forward to. June 9th can't come quick enough buddy!

At 5/28/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Fair enough ... I'll figure out how to make that highlight only. I figure anyone worth anything has already seen the film opening weekend. How doesn't go on Friday or Saturday? :) JG

At 5/30/2006, Blogger Randy said...

Perfect review. Long story short, I ended up seeing MI3 just before XMen3 all in the same night. Side by side, I would choose MI3. This coming from a die hard Marvel fan. Loved seeing Stan Lee water the lawn, though.


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