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Long Day Done

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OK, just getting home and launching the new Student Leader page for SYM. Between the PDC conference, the podcast and out with some friends from Michigan that won a 2006 Health Award, this family is beat. Not beat enough to go to bed, mind you, just beat enough to blog a bit then watch American Idol before crashing hard.

Penn Friends Community Church was one of the winners of the 2006 Health Award from Purpose Driven - I was standing just off stage and Rick was announcing them. I heard Penn Friends? How many of those are there in the world? Sure enough, some good friends and new ones, too turned out to recieve the award. I coulnd't be more proud of them, it sounds like they're turning their community upsidedown for Jesus. Awesome!

To Bonnie and Wayne - thanks for the Cheesecake Factory tonight, too. So good seeing you!


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At 5/17/2006, Blogger Johannes said...

Hi Josh,
nice blog, I found Kurts Blog and saw yours. Doug did a great job in germany, now its your turn :-).
Hope to see you in October.
Greetings from germany to all of the team and to your great family.
see u


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