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American Idol Toss-Up

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Before today I thought that Taylor was going to run away with the title, but after the broadcast tonight I thought Katherine actually gave him a run for his money. My gut still says Taylor, but was pleased that Kat tone down some of her runs and all that jazz to come strong at the Soul Patrol powerhouse. How much do I love this show? Kinda sad, really. There's just so little we can watch on TV as a family.

Tomorrow night there's going to be an American Idol finale gathering of sorts over at the Griffins. We're hosting a Soul Patrol party - we'll see who comes out on top then!


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At 5/24/2006, Blogger Todd said...

I think it's going to be Taylor. Kat sounds like too many of the past winners, and Taylor brings a new genre to the mix. Hopefully someone will do something with his hair!

At 5/24/2006, Blogger The Wagner Fam said...

I was hoping Taylor would win it (although I was originally rooting for Chris and Elliot)! Katharine is just too...."showy" of her body. But, I can see where she gets it - her poor mother thinks she's 21 as well! I'm excited to run across your blog! My husband will love it, as he is a youth pastor as well and has read PDYM.


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