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Pass it On Day 1

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Back from the mall tonight after some time with the family before the big trip to Michigan in the morning.

Pass it On was a REALLY great time, about 100 youth workers from all over the country split into 2 groups - a Nuts and Bolts of Youth Ministry with Fields and a Helping Hurting Kids with Jim Burns. Both excel in this setting and the content is strong. If you've never been, might be an idea to check on out next year.

Had some Chic-Fil-A for lunch, sponsored by Group, and then everyone went to Dave and Busters to celebrate and hang out. Good times.

6:45 comes early - goodnight!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 9:56 PM |

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At 5/03/2006, Anonymous josh in new braunfels said...

Your review of this day was missing something ... maybe a comment about this incredible youth minister and his nine kids ... or maybe about how you shafted them and a free dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and unfairly accused that amazing youth pastor of being a stalker ... or anything along those lines ...

At 5/03/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

You're right!

The youth pastor was kinda average, but his kids were EXCEPTIONAL. Unfortunately, family obligations called me and I had to ditch dinner. At least the youth guy doesn't have my cell phone number!

Just kidding Josh, love ya. JG

At 5/04/2006, Anonymous Kalynne said...

Ya, so homeschooler here, and even if i may not be as social as some, I'm pretty sure ditching people after you told them you'd go to dinner with them is not how you react in the real world. And personally I'd be more scared of giving my number to Jake then Josh (you havent' seen him when he's phycho!!) But ya, just dropped by to make you feel REALLY GUILTY for ditchign us......hahha


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